Cooper Tire Europe concludes consultation

Cooper Tire Europe moving forward with proposal to cease light vehicle tyre production in Melksham

Cooper Tire Europe moving forward with proposal to cease light vehicle tyre production in Melksham


Subject to consultation, Cooper Tire Europe is exploring ceasing light vehicle (passenger car, SUV, 4X4 and van) tyre production in Melksham and obtaining such tyres from other sites within the broader global manufacturing footprint of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company to meet its customer needs.

  • Ceasing light vehicle tyre production and other related changes could result in approximately 300 positions out of 732 across Cooper Tire Europe becoming redundant over a period of 10 months
  • We plan to continue motorsports and motorcycle tyre manufacturing in Melksham. Melksham is also the home of Cooper Tire Europe’s headquarters, sales and marketing offices, Europe Technical Centre and materials business
  • The Melksham tyre production facility, in its present form, is not competitive within the Cooper global manufacturing network or the tyre industry at large; it is Cooper’s highest cost production site and it is Cooper Tire Europe’s current view, subject to consultation, that it is not economically feasible to expand or update the facility to meet Cooper Tire Europe’s light vehicle tyre needs

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Cooper Tire Europe is entering consultation to explore ceasing light vehicle tyre production in Melksham, which could ultimately result in phasing out approximately 300 jobs. We are not leaving Melksham and plan to continue producing motorsports and motorcycle tyres here.

Jaap van Wessum General Manager – Cooper Tire Europe


Who is Cooper Tire Europe?

Cooper Tire Europe (CTE) has been a subsidiary of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company since 1997. CTE is based in Melksham, Wiltshire, with facilities that include a 30-acre tyre manufacturing plant, materials business, headquarters offices, sales and marketing operations, and Europe Technical Centre. CTE also operates a warehouse in Swindon. In all, approximately 730 people are employed across the operation. CTE has a rich history, with its story beginning in Melksham in 1890, when the organization that ultimately became CTE moved to its current location from near Bradford on Avon. CTE sells a full range of summer and winter tyres for passenger car and 4x4 applications as well as specialised motorsports and motorcycle tyres.

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Are Melksham employees being made redundant?

The proposal to cease light vehicle tyre production in Melksham is subject to a consultation with the company’s recognised trade union Unite and elected employee representatives which will be carried out over the coming weeks. However a potential outcome is that approximately 300 roles across a number of different departments at Cooper Tire Europe will become redundant over the next 10 months.

I’m an employee of Cooper Tire Europe. Where can I get advice?

You can speak to your manager and HR representative, in addition to your trade union representatives or elected employee representatives.

Cooper Tire Europe has also arranged for professional external support from LHH Penna, the world’s leading provider of career transition solutions. They will be at our Melksham site following this announcement to provide our employees with further support and advice.

What support will affected employees be given?

Professional external support from LHH Penna will be available throughout the consultation process. In the event that, following the consultation, the proposals are implemented, support would include coaching, careers advice and workshops to develop specific skills and capabilities. More details will be made available during the consultation.

Is Cooper Tire Europe leaving Melksham?

Cooper is not leaving the Melksham community. It is the home of Cooper Tire Europe’s headquarters as well as the Europe Technical Centre, sales and marketing offices and materials business. The company plans to continue to manufacture specialised motorsports and motorcycle tyres at the Melksham plant.

Are you moving both Cooper and Avon brand production outside the UK?

No. Avon motorsports and Avon motorcycle production is expected to remain in Melksham.


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